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Jim Howerton
16-Jan-2010, 01:11
I've been a member for a month or so and just got around to introducing myself, but I need alittle help on getting some lenses for a Galvin 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 I recently purchased. I've always wanted a view camera and I know you guys are LOL that its only MF but it suits my sore back better than something larger.
I'm currently looking for some lenses and thought I'd ask for your thoughts.
These are currently available:
Kodak Ektar 152mm/f4.5 EL
Wollensak 75mm/f1.9
Rodenstock Heligon 95mm/f2.8
Graflex Optar 90mm/f6.8
Schnieder Symmar-S 100mm/f5.6 and a 210mm/f5.6
I realize they are all old, but I don't want to go crazy on the cost and I'm only going to use them for B/W landscapes and portraits. My other thought is to get a mounting board made that will accept the lenses(50,65,100,150,250mm) I have for my Mamiya and just use them. I will appreciate any feedback.
Thanks, Jim

16-Jan-2010, 07:12
I may not be much help on selecting from those specific lenses, but I might be able to add a bit to mounting what ever lens you choose.

I bought the same camera last summer and was fortunate to get both the standard full lens board and the adapter board that takes the Calumet boards from the old CC-400 series cameras and the Zone VI boards. (It's relatively easy for a machinist to make this type of adapter board.) Both of those types of boards need to have one edge slightly beveled to fit the Galvin adapter board, but that does not effect their use on the original cameras (I have both). That means you can use the Calumet recessed boards as well for the extreme wide angle lenses which helps with bellows compression and movement issues.

I currently use three lenses on my Galvin: the 58mm Super Angulon XL, a Fuji 150mm and a Calumet (Ilex Acuton) 215mm convertible which goes out to about 360mm with just the rear cells. If you got the two rails that come with this camera, you can use the longer lenses with ease and extreme wide angle lenses with just the shorter segment of the two part rail to keep the rail out of the foreground in your images.

It sounds like your Mamiya lenses might be from the RB or RZ bodies. How are you planning on cocking the shutters and firing the lenses without the body mechanism?

Dan Fromm
16-Jan-2010, 07:25
Jim, I b'lieve y'r Mamiya is a Press. If so, the lenses just cover 2x3 so you won't gain much by using them on a 2x3 view camera. Is y'r 100 f/2.8?

The 95/2.8 Heligon was sold for, among other uses, as a fast normal lens for the Graflex XL. Same situation as the Mamiya Press system. Good lens, won't allow movements.

The 75/1.9 Wolly is probably from an oscilloscope camera. If so, run away.

The 90/6.8 Optar will allow more movements than you can use, so will the 152 Ektar and the Schneiders.

If I were in your situation, I'd go after 100 Schneider, 210 Schneider, 152 Ektar in that order. If I had money left I'd look for an 80/6.3 WF Ektar or a 65/8 Super Angulon or Ilex Acugon. 65/5.6 SA would be nicer, but more expensive. All of these are fine lenses fit for nearly any application. Don't put them down as crappy old lenses fit only for playing around with b/w.

FWIW, I shoot 2x3 on 2x3 Graphics, recently got a 2x3 Cambo. I use my 80 WF Ektar more than my 65/8 Ilex, use a 47/5.6 SA more than either.

Good luck, have fun,


Jim Howerton
16-Jan-2010, 17:33
Thanks Lenser & Dan
The lenses I have are all for a Superpress or Universal. My 100/3.5 is for use on the Superpress with the bellowed back. I hope to find the extension rail but I'm sure they're not easy to find. Really appreciate the info regarding the different lenses. Gives me a good place to start. I'm not looking for cheap, just good bargains.
The journey begins