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15-Jan-2010, 16:39
Good afternoon all,

I'm after a little advice, I'm slowly upgrading & fine tuning my lens set, and I'm curious about which was to head for a wide angle.

Currently, I have a Komura 90/5.6, beautiful sharp lens, its only draw-back: It's HUGE! In a copal 0, and on a small Wista/Linhof board, it looks like a giant egg timer. Could anyone suggest me a wide-angle in the 75-90 range that is more compact? Does such a thing exist? Since having sold off my monorail, I'm using my Wista 45 (metal field) exclusively, I have read that anything wider than a 90 needs a bag bellows, so, if this is the case, perhaps another 90 will be my best bet... although I would love to pair a 75 up with a 105... But I AM trying to simplify my setup here!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, once I get this WA sorted, and find a nice 210, then I can get on with selling all my lenses they're replacing... I'm looking forward to having a bit of a purge and clear out!

Thanks again.

John Schneider
15-Jan-2010, 16:47
Your question has been asked and answered many times before. Using the search tab, start looking at
and also

15-Jan-2010, 17:00
Thanks John, didn't find that one when I searched earlier, thank you.

15-Jan-2010, 17:01
Protar V's are TEENY and wiiiiide

15-Jan-2010, 17:41
Wollensak made a tiny f9.5 3.5" lens.

Don Dudenbostel
15-Jan-2010, 20:35
The Congo 90mm has a good deal better coverage than the wollensak but not as much as the lens you have or other larger lenses like a super angulon. The Congo is tiny and in a copal O and extends about 1/4" front and back. I have one for backpacking and find it has plenty of coverage for general use when stopped down to 22 or more.

Greg Lockrey
15-Jan-2010, 21:16
I have an older Super Angulon 90mm f/8 in a 00 shutter that I could easily be persuaded to part with.

15-Jan-2010, 21:53
I have an older Super Angulon 90mm f/8 in a 00 shutter that I could easily be persuaded to part with.

Should be used with care, however. The 00 shutter may be a bit overstressed by the Super Angulon, which is a pair of opposed Biogons and therefore rather, ah, glassy. Probably fine for careful use by I wouldn't want to bounce it around a lot without the front and rear cells being supported.

Rick "repeating old lore not personal experience" Denney

Arne Croell
16-Jan-2010, 03:14
The smallest of the modern type wide angles with the full 105 deg coverage is the f/8 90mm Nikkor SW, which is the reason why it is still in high demand on the used market. The other ones with similar size like the f/8 Super-Angulon designed in the 1950's and the newer f/6.8 Grandagon have slightly less coverage (100-102 deg). If you can live with even less movements and more falloff, some of the other older design types like the common 90mm Angulon, a WA Dagor, or 4/4 double Gauss's like the rare Cooke VIIb are much smaller and lighter.

Frank Petronio
16-Jan-2010, 08:19
Just get a Linhof-selected or >5-million serial number Schneider 90/6.8 Angulon in a Compur shutter, get it CLA if needed, $200 or so for a clean one. It will fold into your camera and be as sharp as anything else at middle apertures. And you can get half an inch of rise at least out of a metal Wista, which suits the coverage of this lens perfectly. Look for one already mounted on a recessed Linhof board (pay $300 if you have to) and life will be grand. Get the Gepe flexible cable release adapter and Lock-Tite it in, good to go.

There is also a slightly large Linhof or late Schneider 75/8 Super-Angulon (~$250-300) that is great for 4x5 field cameras, idk if it will fold up inside though -- borderline. Likewise the recent 1990s-modern Rodenstock 75/6.8 Grandagon-N ($~400) is superb and it will fold up into a Crown Graphic, idk about a Wista.

I'd just not make any big moves and live with the standard bellows on the metal Wista, you can always shoot wider and crop. The bag seems like a huge PITA on those. I could (just) focus a 65mm on my SP and you can always get a recessed board.

16-Jan-2010, 08:38
I second the 90mm angulon, they're barely any bigger than the shutter itself.