View Full Version : Universal Bellows for Ebony SV45U2

James Sullivan
15-Jan-2010, 03:47
Could anyone please recommend a budget universal bellows for the above camera?
Can, let's say, Chamonix universal bellows be fitted into SV45U2?

I welcome any suggestions.

Thank you

James Sullivan

Gem Singer
15-Jan-2010, 11:52

The Ebony universal bellows is a combination of a standard bellows and a wide angle bellows. The front few inches are designed without pleats in order to overcome bellows compression, allowing increased movement ability with wide angle lenses.

I doubt that a Chamonix bellows can be fitted to an Ebony. They are different lengths, and the frames are not interchangeable.

One suggestion, purchase an Ebony bag bellows separately. It's less expensive than a universal bellows.

Another suggestion, ask if Jim, at Midwest, if he would be willing to take your standard bellows in trade toward a universal bellows.