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15-Jan-2010, 03:19
Hi All my first post so be gentle!

I'm Al, I grew up with photography inherited a lot of equipment. The internet is a great resource for info on Camera's and I do manage to get the information on most camera's without a problem, but I'm struggling on this one without the lens. Does anyone know what this is?


Diane Maher
15-Jan-2010, 06:30
Hard to tell what size it is with the ground glass on the back turned away. It might be a Japanese Charten camera. I have a Charten and it has similar knobs and the back of mine is similar.

15-Jan-2010, 09:28
The back and the lens board do not really look like a Charten - I'd rather exclude that. Other than that, I unfortunately cannot positively identify it.

Vick Vickery
15-Jan-2010, 09:52
Welcome to group therepy! :) Like the others, I have no idea what brand it is but it is definately a CAMERA!! A plate camera to be more specific (you can tell from the back) without a lens. Certainly can be rehabilitated...the bellows looks pretty servicable, as do the wood and metal parts. Depending on the rear standard deminsions, a more modern spring or universal back could be adapted in 4x5 to 8x10 size for use with modern film holders, and, with an appropriate lens installed on the front, you'd be good to go as long as the bellows is light tight (shine a small flashlight at the inner surfaces of the bellows in a dark room and you'll be able to see any lightleaks/holes from the outside). Have fun with it! What other treasures did you get?

Jack Dahlgren
15-Jan-2010, 10:16
That little plumb-bob on the side is an interesting way of making sure the back is vertical. Is that something common on old cameras?

D. Bryant
15-Jan-2010, 11:29
Is that something common on old cameras?


Don Bryant

15-Jan-2010, 12:44

17-Jan-2010, 19:46
The hinged back is interesting. Does that support a film holder or a plate? Would like to see a pic of the back with the hinged glass raised.

Louis Pacilla
18-Jan-2010, 00:15

My Guess is It's British made.

Louis P

18-Jan-2010, 00:39
What other treasures did you get?

Thanks for the welcome! A lot, around 400 camera's in total :eek:, lots of folding and box and some large format, TLR's. I do have an interest in keeping a lot of them, but my dad was a hoarder!

Claude (My dad) lived in Kenya, East Africa working for the British Railway, during that time he owned a photography studio called Dalphin, I have a few of his camera's which include 4 rolleiflex, he was also a collector of film camera's and projectors which he spent hit retirement repairing. It's quite a big collection so will be parting with a lot of it, I'm planning to help my mum travel a bit with the proceeds. :)

18-Jan-2010, 00:43
The hinged back is interesting. Does that support a film holder or a plate? Would like to see a pic of the back with the hinged glass raised.

Here you go!

Here's one of the backs as well

Steven Tribe
18-Jan-2010, 02:23
I believe it was the Chinese who took over the maintenance (?) of the track and rolling stock at one stage. Everyone remembers Sydney Pollack's brilliant shots of the railway in "Out of Africa" . If your father is/was an Anglophile Frenchman, it is probably a Gandolfi bought at the Army and Navy Stores in London! Please come with photos of the other large format cameras! We are all hoarders (perhaps we could find another expression?) here to some extent.

Michael Carter
18-Jan-2010, 16:18
It looks similar but nicer than British type Indian cameras. It is a plate camera and requires a book form plate holder. My web site has measurements of plate holders that do not fit any cameras that I own. Perhaps one or more would fit yours.

BTW, I am interested in any plate camera over 12x15 inch plate size. Thanks

Michael Carter