View Full Version : Thank you

Aaron Ng
30-Jan-2002, 06:18
I'd like to thank folks who recommended "Art & Fear". A book so true to someone taking an unusual route in artmaking. So much of it, so familiar to my own path. Thanks, Aaron

Now what do I read next...?

Sandy Sorlien
30-Jan-2002, 09:00
"Why People Photograph" and "Beauty in Photography" by Robert Adams.

Joe Lipka
30-Jan-2002, 09:06
Well, Aaron, you can read about making art, or you can go out and make art. You can't make great art without first making art. So, go out and do something. Reading a book won't make a photograph.

In your spare time (when you are not making art) I would like to suggest a book that was mentioned in this forum, "Writing Down the Bones." It deals with writing, but you can do the mental version of a "global replace" of writing with photographing.

As for other books, Ted Orland's "Scenes of Wonder and Curiousity" (think that's the right title), Weston's Daybooks (for many, many years about the only text on the journey through photography as art), and of course, all back issues of LensWork.