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Kirk Gittings
12-Jan-2010, 15:24
I use (and have for 30 years) the Bogen/Manfrotto 3051 tripod with the accessory extension legs. I think it is now called the 058 tripod. It is the one with the drop legs. BUT the accessory extension legs are no longer available.........see:

Recently on a shoot in sub zero weather in snow, the extension legs froze-breaking the glue seal of the spike/rubber feet (the ones that have the rubber deal that screws down to cover the metal spike) that slip into the aluminum tube that is the extension leg. I didn't notice this right away and I was only able to find one of the lost spike tips. I will have to go back in the spring maybe to find the others.

As the extensions are no longer available, I am either looking for a used set or trying to fit some of the accessory spike tips from other Bogen/Manfrotto tripods (or other brands) that clamp onto the outside of their respective tripod legs to clamp onto the outside of the extension tubes I have, I have such accessory spike/rubber tips for my 055 tripod=but the legs are not round but sort of triangular and will not fit.

The extension legs are 3/4 inch OD. Any ideas?

Do the accessory spikes for the old 3021 fit? Do they fit a 3/4" OD tube? I am looking for something like these that will fit a 3/4" OD tube.

Gordon Moat
12-Jan-2010, 16:34


They don't have everything, but they have quite a few items. Check cost and shipping, since some parts can be pricey.


Gordon Moat Photography (http://www.gordonmoat.com)

Kirk Gittings
12-Jan-2010, 19:49
Thanks but none of their email addresses work nor does their ordering links. It doesn't look good. I will try and call them tomorrow.

Gordon Moat
12-Jan-2010, 20:03
Bummer ... used them just over a year ago, so I hope they are still in business.

12-Jan-2010, 20:42
Although the specs are all metric.
the phone # for bogen parts is (201)818-9500 ext 244