View Full Version : Show your old rapid rectilinear work!

11-Jan-2010, 22:09
I have just received a cute little brass RR lens; I'm pretty sure it's an RR anyway. Front and back seem to be the same; couple of elements that form a positive cell. No air space I can see. My first classic-looking brass lens (with waterhouse stops!).

While I wait for the weather to clear up, I'd be interested to see some of the work you fine folks have done with this classic lens design. Maybe it's not as exciting (to some) as the Petzval with all its raging bokeh weirdness, but I'm sure there's some interesting stuff you've done with it... so why not post some images!

12-Jan-2010, 20:16
They can be just as nice as Petzvals, but a lot more subtle. Note that rapid rectilinears were difficult to manufacture precisely. I have used many that are not all that sharp, but when a really good one was made, like those from Darlot and Voigtlander, they can be incredibly sharp.

13-Jan-2010, 11:30
My Dad. Deardorff 8x10 with a 12x10 RR. Lith print...

15-Jan-2010, 10:18
Thanks keeds; great portrait and looks like a very nice print, too. Almost wouldn't expect to see a lith printed portrait.

Scott Sharp
13-Feb-2010, 18:41
First RR shot, a quick still-life aken with an 8 x 10 Deitz Rapid ( Approx. 12 inch RR lens) mounted on a Agfa Ansco view camera. Scanned from a Polaroid type 54 print. I had this lens mounted on an old diplay camera and decided one day to give it a try. This scan does not do the print justice. Sharpness was excellent and there was a beautiful gradation unlike anything I've taken with a modern optic. I need to try this lens out more extensively.

16-Feb-2010, 10:10
a whole plate RR lens @ f8. shooting wet plate collodion images on 5x7 black aluminum.