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11-Jan-2010, 20:48
I read many comments on Loupes/ Lupes,... and I needed one badly.
Especially one with generous eye relief.
I wandered to several shops and tried out several manufacturers but did not have a chance to try the 6x6 cm Schneider or Leica Universal Loupes.
Eventually I purchased the last 5.5X Pentax Loupe K&S said will ever see a shelf.
I guess Pentax is not distributing these accessories anymore?

Anyway, It's one heavy chunk of glass but surely the best eye relief and great magnification for both film view and checking sharpness on the Chamonix.
On one hand I feel like I've defeated the point of a light weight set-up, but then again the 6x12 Horseman Roll film back isn't light either?
Maybe it comes down to always debating a single piece of equipment that you want to do everything with (Ex Tripods)

So,... I just wanted to get a few comments from the Forum to see what the rest of you thought.

12-Jan-2010, 23:41
I guess it's very boring or beat to death like a horse going to the glue factory...

Thanks anyway,...

13-Jan-2010, 00:05

I bought a set of +6 reading glasses and removed the loupe from my bag. I have to bob my head around to see the different parts of the screen but a loupe requires that anyway. I like the hands off approach... it's easier for me. When I want to view the whole screen I just slide the glasses onto my forehead. It's very convenient.

I'll still use my Pentax loupe for viewing negs though.

As you pointed out in the other thread, we have identical systems... Chamonix 45N-1 w/ Horseman 6x12 RFH. When I can afford it I'll buy a Maxwell screen to aid in viewing with ultra-wide lenses. I don't know what optics your're shooting with but I opted for Schneider for wide to normal plus a Graphic-Kowa and a couple of Fuji-C's on the long end. The Kowa and Fujis will serve double duty for 8x10... if/when I can afford to buy one. :)


neil poulsen
13-Jan-2010, 00:23
I got by with a cheap loupe for a long time. Then I purchased the Schneider 4x with an asymmetric, and what a difference.