View Full Version : Info on 90mm F6.8 ANGULON SYNCHRO-COMPUR

Paulo K. Ogino A.
20-Dec-2001, 19:08
I'm planning to buy a wide angle lens, but I'm low on budget, so I found this 90 F6.8 ANGULON SYNCHRO-COMPUR lens, seems to be a little bit old, but I can't fin d more info about it. Is it a good lens to take landscape and architectural phot o?, I'll be using a lot of perspective correction, so I also need to know if I u se a 90mm lens, will I need to use a bag bellows? I have a Sinar F+ 4x5. Thanks!

20-Dec-2001, 19:48
This is a great lens for landscape, but there isn't sufficient coverage for much perspective correction in architecture work. You'll need a 90mm Super Angulon for that.

Kevin Crisp
21-Dec-2001, 00:25
I have found the quality of these highly variable. They were made over many, many years. Higher serial numbers give you better odds. I have used a gorgeous one from the early 1950's that was so fuzzy (at f:22) on the edges as to be unusuable. Another one from the mid 1950's is just barely OK. Make sure you can test and return it if it isn't sharp enough for you.

Jim Galli
21-Dec-2001, 02:45
Some interesting tests here:


They do seem to be quite variable. Although 6 of the seven tested would be good enough for my lens bag. I purchased a Congo 90mm on Ebay earlier this year. They are famous for the same phenomenon. The good can be quite good, and the bad can be awful. I guess I lucked out. It seems to be making some exceptionally sharp pictures.

Hagai Kaufman
21-Dec-2001, 16:50
Paulo, this is a good lens for landscape, but for perspective control you need something with more coverage.