View Full Version : Is an Ilex #3 shutter interchangeable with anything else?

Steve Goldstein
11-Jan-2010, 17:34
Other than another Ilex #3, of course!

Paul Ewins
11-Jan-2010, 22:40
Umm, Alphax & Betax #3 seem to be the same. It is different to all of the European shutter sizes. It seems that the dial-set Ilex (the one SK GRimes describes as a piece of junk) is fractionally larger in the cell threads than the rim-set, but has the same size flange. The same is true of the #4 rim-set and dial-set.

Mark Sawyer
11-Jan-2010, 22:44
Bear in mind, of course, that the aperture scale may well not correspond with another set of cells...

Darren Kruger
11-Jan-2010, 23:39
Umm, Alphax & Betax #3 seem to be the same.

The Alphax/Betax #3 has a body length of 61/64" (~24mm) and a cell thread pitch of 40tpi. I've seen the Ilex #3 listed as closer to 26mm for body length and a cell thread pitch of 48 tpi so I do not think they are interchangable.


Paul Ewins
12-Jan-2010, 16:16
Ah, didn't have the TPI information for the Alphax/Betax, only the diameter. So in essence all of the US made shutters are incompatible with products from other companies?