View Full Version : Schneider Symmar 180f5.6 Lens - convertible

Adrian Ng'asi
20-Dec-2001, 17:54
Hi there,

I just acquired a Schneider Symmar 180f5.6 Lens (older version - 1970's I think ) on Ebay and I was wondering what your experiences have been in terms of perfom ance of this lens. It is in a Compur shutter. I will be using it as an exclusive lens for my 4X5 Speed Graphic. It is also for B&W only. What do you think its p erfocrmance for colour negative will be?

Thanks, Adrian

N Dhananjay
20-Dec-2001, 18:10
I have the 210mm version of the convertible Symmar. These are pretty good lenses, especially when used unconverted. When converted (which is done by removing the front element), the performance is compromised a bit. In my experience it works fine for B&W, a little less well for color. If you're contact printing or making limited enlargements (2-3 X), you will not notice much difference between the converted and unconverted lengths. When you use it converted, use a strong monochromatic filter (something like a 58 green) to deal with the lateral chromatic aberrations. Otherwise, enjoy it - it will make nices pics. Cheers, DJ.

Doug Paramore
20-Dec-2001, 18:21
Adrian: I have the 180 about the same vintage and have found it to be a fine lens. I only shoot black and white with it and it has proven to be plenty sharp and contrasty. I have used it converted a couple of times, always with filters, and it is fine for prints up to and including 11x14. Enjoy it.