View Full Version : Bausch and Lomb Triple Protar Series VII Lens

9-Jan-2010, 17:05
Can anyone tell me what the coverage is for this lens: Bausch and Lomb Triple Protar Series VII Lens

Lens lengths: 23 1/4, 18 7/8 and 11 7/8


Michael Roberts
9-Jan-2010, 17:17
Combined, will cover 11x14 when stopped down; 8x10 wide open. This according to the B&L catalog posted on the CameraEccentric site.

21-Oct-2015, 10:00
At the risk of reviving an old thread can someone chime in and say what the separate cells will cover?
23 1/4?
18 7/8?

Kevin Crisp
21-Oct-2015, 10:17
The latest product specification I have seen is this: http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/bauschlomb_7.html

I gave it to him; I found it in a box with a lens I bought. After they were out of production, somebody wrote B&L and they sent him the "restricted" factory document, which was in my purchase with the transmittal letter.

This is also the only factory listing I've seen that has the focal length in mms not inches.

21-Oct-2015, 11:35
interesting, thanks!

Kevin Crisp
21-Oct-2015, 12:25
The much older "What Lens Shall I Buy?" B&L publication is there on Cameraeccentric too. It has a nice section on Tessars and Protars of all types.