View Full Version : 38 SA XL Covers 4x5 To the Corners Wide Open On Flat Board & Standard Bellow

9-Jan-2010, 12:25
Just received my used Chamonix 45N today... for any super-wide freaks out there... see the title. This is at infinity focus. Of course, if you need movements at all... other than a tiny bit of rear swing/tilt... you'll need a recessed board and the bag bellows. Those are next on my list. I also assured the front rail is absent from the image and it clears. Once I replace the focus panel with a Maxwell I'll be very pleased. This is a well-made camera. Happy happy joy joy!! :D

EDIT: The nipped corners of my focusing panel tricked me... looks like approximately 1/8" is lost on all four corners as measured from the corners inward... still very impressive, IMO.