View Full Version : M-Claron 210mm f: 5.6

Thierry Schreiner
9-Jan-2010, 06:51

I just got my "new" Schneider Kreuznach M-Claron 210mm f:5.6 serial number 10 541 605.

Does someone out there have infos on this lens, and what is its performance like?
I don't know anything about the Schneider M-Claron series (M = Macro)

Thank you in advance and best regards from France.

Thierry Schreiner

Dan Fromm
9-Jan-2010, 07:46
Thierry, have you asked Schneider?

Thierry Schreiner
9-Jan-2010, 15:02
Hi Dan,

I have not yet contacted Schneider but will try to do so next week.

The serial number puts the manufacturing year of this lens somewhere in 1967-1968.

The number of reflections are the same as in my Dagor style 210mm f:9 G-Claron. This lens seems to be a Dagor style as well.

Best regards


Dan Fromm
9-Jan-2010, 16:33
Interesting, and a surprise. f/5.6 is a little fast for a dagor type.

Yes, I looked up the serial number too. The three 240/9 dagor type G-Clarons I've had were all from that date range, serial numbers 10 4 to 10 9, but at least some focal lengths of the plasmat type Symmar were introduced earlier. I have, for example, a 135/5.6 Symmar s/n 8921241.

That and f/5.6 are why I expected your Mystery-Claron would be a plasmat type.



Arne Croell
9-Jan-2010, 17:01
According to Thiele's manufacturing lists on Schneider, your lens was a prototype (3 were made), made on November 20, 1967. Sorry, no mentioning of what it was intended for.

Thierry Schreiner
5-Feb-2010, 17:49

Sorry for my very late response, and thank's a lot to Dan and Arne for the precious info. Difficult to be any preciser than the info Arne forwarded. Appreciate.

Here is the answer I got from the Schneider Kreuznach people.

" ... bei Ihrem Objektiv handelt sich es um eine Musterfertigung. 1967 wurden 4 Musterobjektive davon hergestellt. Weiterer Unterlagen stehen uns nicht mehr zu Verfügung."

Just thought I should let you know. So, apparently 4 prototypes were made in 1967 but no more info available.

Hope to be able to use the lens pretty soon and let you know about the performance.

Best regards