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7-Jan-2010, 12:02
Here are some other items. I have not a clue as to what this is :) Thankyou!

Steven Tribe
7-Jan-2010, 12:07
F&S Graflex SLR with autographic (kodak patent) roll film.

Dan Fromm
7-Jan-2010, 12:07
Read the nameplate, then go to www.graflex.org

7-Jan-2010, 12:25
That one's darned nice!!

7-Jan-2010, 12:45
That one's darned nice!!

Thank you! Most of my grandpa's camera's are in good condition :)

Michael Cienfuegos
7-Jan-2010, 18:17
It's a 3A Graflex, takes 122 rollfilm.

7-Jan-2010, 19:43
back in the day you opened the flap on the back of the camera
and made notes on the negative with a special stylus ..
the roll was processed and the prints came back with the writing on them ...
maybe you have seen prints ( maybe deckled edged ) in your grandfather's photo album?
that is how they were made ...