View Full Version : Looks like a copal 3 but smaller opening

6-Jan-2010, 12:49
Is that a copal 3s?
I have a friend who got a fujinon 1200A but the shutter has some problem. And find out that the shutter is slightly smaller than copal 3. That has to be copal 3s, right? Does copal make any different variation beyond copal 3s? Without measuring the opening how can you tell the difference between copal 3 and copal 3s?

Peter K
6-Jan-2010, 12:59
Also the front- and rear threads are different, as you can see here (http://www.skgrimes.com/products/index.htm).

6-Jan-2010, 13:09
The only true test, AFAIK, is to measure - 56mm vs 58mm.

See: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=31828


6-Jan-2010, 13:33
i c, Thanks!

6-Jan-2010, 14:13
Are there any other lens using copal 3s shutter? Besides compuatar, kowa, fujinon 1200A(I was very surprised that 1200A was mounted in copal 3s).

Steve Goldstein
6-Jan-2010, 14:41
The 240mm and 305mm Computar/Graphic Kowa, the 360mm Graphic Kowa (does a Computar exist in this focal length?), and (guessing here) the 270mm Computar/Graphic Kowa all fit Copal 3S. I also had the front cell only of a Chinese-made 210mm f/4.5 (brand unknown, but labeled in Chinese) that came in a 3S shutter. And to confuse matters even further, I've seen 3S shutters that were simply labeled "Copal 3"!

I've often wondered why they ever bothered with the 3S shutter. It's not like the size or price difference is dramatic. There must have been a good reason, or a decent pile of money at stake.

Michael Jones
6-Jan-2010, 15:14
And the shutter may not be marked as a "3s." I had 2 Fuji 250s with serial numbers within 100 of each other, both shutters merely marked "Copal," and one is a 3 and the other a 3s. Good luck.


Steve Hamley
6-Jan-2010, 15:37
Many Osaka lenses were in Copal 3S shutters. I picked up a 210 f:4.5 and a 250mm that were in 3S shutters.

Cheers, Steve

6-Jan-2010, 15:40
So can we conclude that all the copal 3s lens are made in east Asia? Since Steve mentioned one from China. (mostly from Japan).

Paul Ewins
6-Jan-2010, 16:07
Have a look at the early Fuji lenses (like the Fujinar SC 250 f4.7), I think they are in a 3s. KEH has a couple of the 250/4.7, confusingly labelled Fujinar Soft-Cover, and the cheaper one is about the right price to use as a shutter donor. They also have a couple of the 250/5.6 SF but these are in a Copal 3, so don't mix them up. Best of luck buying them though, the KEH website still won't work for me and I don't wish to make an international phone call at unsociable hours to buy stuff.

Steve Hamley
6-Jan-2010, 16:50
Osaka is in Japan unless they've moved it, and Osaka lenses are made in Japan too.

Cheers, Steve

6-Jan-2010, 20:49
Osaka is in Japan unless they've moved it, and Osaka lenses are made in Japan too.

Cheers, Steve

I was referring Steve Goldstein's post about some Chinese lens using copal 3s shutter. I am pretty sure Osaka is in Japan. :D

Kirk Fry
6-Jan-2010, 21:48
I have a 300mm L Fujinon and 300mm Congo both in what are labeled as Copal 3 shutters. I bought them for the shutter for my 355 G-Claron. Guess what? Ja, Ja I know, buyer beware. KFry (this is how I ended up owning 4 300mm lenses.) Guess what the "S" stands for. :-)