View Full Version : Verito filter holder suggestions?

Harley Goldman
5-Jan-2010, 10:57
I have a 8-3/4" Verito. I find myself hand-holding an ND filter to slow things down enough for the Betax shutter max speed of 1/50th.

Are there any filter holders out there that might slip on the outside of the barrel? Any other suggestions?

I am figuring that sooner or later, hand-holding the filter, I will end up with a finger in the middle of an otherwise good image.

Jon Wilson
5-Jan-2010, 11:12

Isn't the front cell threaded? If it is, you maybe able to obtain a step-up filter ring which will fit your filters. Another option is to get Grimes to make one for you which attaches to your lens. I have at home a small barndoor spring clip on attachment for LF lens which has just enough room to hold a filter on to it. I picked mine up from ebay years ago, but you should be able to find it in other places too, e.g, Calumet. You will need to watch out for vignetting.

The last option which comes to mind the the metal frame which attaches to the back of the wood lens board that allows you to slip in the gel filters. I think I have a couple of them on my V8 boards.

Hope this helps.


Joe Smigiel
5-Jan-2010, 13:48
I've made a holder for a front-mounted Packard shutter along the lines of an antique filter holder I have.

Take a piece of thin wood (or old lensboard), cut a hole in it with diameter greater than the lens(es) you will use it on, and then glue 3 small wooden blocks with 1/4-20 threaded inserts screwed into them at 120 degrees apart from each other. Use 1/4-20 thumbscrews to tighten the rig around the lens barrel. You can find rubber cups for the ends of the thumbscrews to prevent scratching the barrel. The filter holder side could be as simple as 3 screws at the bottom and two sides or you could make some sort of channel for gelatin filters, or glue/screw a step-up ring of appropriate size into the front of the hole drilled in the board.

I also have an old Kenko (?) hinged gel holder that conveniently slips over the barrel of my 8 3/4" Verito, also in a Betax 5. The hole was slightly too large but a piece of self-adhesive felt solved that problem.

Mark Sawyer
5-Jan-2010, 14:37
A Lee filter holder for 4" square filters works nicely with my 8 3/4 inch Verito!