View Full Version : Another mystery lens (who's the maker?)

3-Jan-2010, 19:12
so ... not too long ago I got myself yet another camera (yes, another one to fill up the last available spaces left in the house) and it came with a lens of unknown origins.
The lens, a Petzval, is aside from some minor balsam failure in one tiny spot in very good condition, although someone had decided to mix the elements and turn the barrel around - easy to fix.
But I have no clue of who the maker might be. All it says on the outer barrel is "Sold by T.G.Ramsey & Co Toronto", obviously a reseller.
The only other reference to a maker are the inscriptions on the side of the elements. The maker was kind enough to leave his name in pencil; but he doesn't win a price for legibility. Reads like "Punes Glue E.G.P." or something similar.
Anyone out here having some insight of who this guy was?

Steven Tribe
4-Jan-2010, 03:15
Doesn't ring any bells. Balsam breakdown is not just a recent phenomenom. So it could be a repairer's "signature" from sometime long ago. Watch repairers have an insatiable need to mark the watches they get their hands on too. I have a single objective where the inside surface of the lens hood has strange symbols made with a very thin steel pin.

4-Jan-2010, 04:33
It's french:

9 pouces glace ordinaires.

9 inch, regular glass ;)

There ya go! I can't quite make out the name/initals either, sorry.