View Full Version : Is this half an Ektar 203mm?

Ramiro Elena
3-Jan-2010, 12:15
I while back I got a hold of some assorted equipment from a photographer who had passed away. Among many other things he had this lens inside a plastic filter case.

It is now that I pay attention to it that I see it is an Ektar 203mm but it looks like it's missing the rear element, which seems strange to have had the lens split in two like this, as if it was a whole. So maybe it is? I tried screwing it to a Copal 0 shutter but it doesn't fit.

Does anyone recognize what it is?


Gem Singer
3-Jan-2010, 12:20
Looks like a close-up lens.

Screws into the front of a lens like a filter.

3-Jan-2010, 12:21
Yes, it's definitely the front element of a coated 203 Ektar. I don't know how much Kodak's formulations changed over the years but you may be able to sell it to someone who has a bad front element for a few bucks.

Bernard Kaye
3-Jan-2010, 13:35
Forgive me but this may be the front element only of the front cell of a 203mm. f 7.7 Ektar. A picture of the "side" and back could be helpful. They were adapted or fit to several shutters, the chrome piece under the black front may have been an adapter to a Compur and I could be all wet and this be a complete front cell.
Bernie Kaye

Glenn Thoreson
3-Jan-2010, 14:39
Yep. The 203/7.7 is a 4 element, all air spaced design. I've never dismantled mine, so I don't know how it's assembled. Even if it's only the front element of the front cell, it could be valuable to someone who has a scratched up front glass. The coatings on these is very soft and easily damaged. It's difficult indeed to find one in pristine condition. I know, I have such a pristine example. :D

Ramiro Elena
3-Jan-2010, 14:41
Thanks! Here's the side:
and back:

3-Jan-2010, 15:17
There was also a version of this lens that had "mount 370" on the ring with all the other info. It is that version of the lens that screws into a Copal shutter, not this one.

3-Jan-2010, 15:22
^^^ I believe those were made for the European market, weren't they? A bit scarce here. It'll be easier to sell this one in the US.

Ramiro Elena
3-Jan-2010, 15:41
So, if it is the front element of an Ektar 203mm, what sort of shutter should I be looking for? At least so I can recognize a back element by the shutter...
Or maybe somebody around here needs a front...

That's quite interesting Mike, I got it from an american photographer who lived in Spain. His gear was mostly "american" (stuff not commonly seen in Europe).

Thanks a lot for the clues! It's my first post here and you guys form an amazing community.

Mark Sampson
3-Jan-2010, 15:50
The 203 Ektar is most commonly seen in a Kodak Flash Supermatic shutter. Yours is from 1947 so that's the most likely choice.

3-Jan-2010, 16:02
Mark is correct but it's not easy to recognize the proper rear cell. At least I can't. Also, finding the other parts might be time-consuming (not worth it). You're best off just advertising it for sale as a 1947 coated 203 Ektar front cell only. If it's in pristine condition then someone will probably buy it to replace there damaged one. It won't bring a lot of money but a few bucks is better than none. I would "guess" it's worth $30-40 to the right buyer if the glass/coatings are flawless.

Bernard Kaye
3-Jan-2010, 16:14
I think Mark is correct, Kodak Flash Supermatic Shutter.

If you can find a "Camera Show," there could be a complets shutter-lens with scratches on front element that will not sell for much and you have a good front element.

Or else, sell it to one of us; there are items that we buy just in case.
Good luck,
Bernie Kaye