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Kevin M Bourque
1-Jan-2010, 08:18
I really like my Horseman VH, and I consider the right-angle viewer to be an essential accessory. The problem is that it contains the ground glass, and you have to swap it with the film holder to make an exposure. What to do with the viewer? Hold it? Put it in the camera bag? What if you've walked twenty feet from the bag? Put it on the ground? Whatever you do, the GG is unprotected.

So I made a roof rack. It's pretty simple and does the job well. It's got notches where the viewer/film back has tabs. Which ever one I'm not using stays up on the rack, held in place by one of those way-strong neodymium magnets. The camera parts are non-ferrous so I just taped a piece of steel to the corresponding spot on the holder and back. The one magnet seems plenty strong (who knows, maybe enough Gauss to catch magic bullets) but you could easily add more. A velcro strap would make it hurricane-proof.

The VH has a 1/4" threaded hole on the top (and sides for that matter) which is how its secured. It also has a cold flash shoe. I put a little piece of wood under the rack that mates with the shoe so the thing won't twist.

It's made from the very finest old-growth virgin plywood finished off with some garage-aged Krylon. Nothing but the best for me!

Happy New Year, Y'all!

1-Jan-2010, 08:36
I know the problem. Looks like a nice solution.
I wonder if the rotary back will accept 90 degree finder? Probably won't work right because the film holder may be in the way of the view piece.

1-Jan-2010, 09:05
It's made from the very finest old-growth virgin plywood !

My first good laugh for the new year! Thanks, Kevin.:D

Herb Cunningham
1-Jan-2010, 09:59
great idea! I dropped my reflex viewer in France and broke the glass-had to use the back gg the rest of the trip. I have two VHR's I will see about using the flash shoe for an attachment.

Happy new year

Kevin M Bourque
1-Jan-2010, 10:16
I'm pretty sure the rotary finder accepts a right-angle viewer, but it adds extension. If you use a 65mm lens, this could be a problem.

Joseph Dickerson
23-Mar-2011, 11:37
After an inquiry posted on the forum, and assurance it would work. I ordered a Chamonix universal bellows from Ebay. Spent half an hour grinding a 45 degree angle on the corners of the rear mounting plate, it fits perfectly. Greatly improves the ease of use with wide angle lenses. Plus I don't have to pack the bag bellows anymore.

Simply use the Shen Hao bellows to mark the Chamonix plate (which has 90 degree corners) and attack it with a Dremel tool. No modification is necessary to the front plate.


Joseph Dickerson
23-Mar-2011, 11:39
Moderator...my post should have been in the "Show your modifications" thread. MY BAD.

Can you move it please?