View Full Version : Hermagis Paris Hellor 150/45 - is it a good lens?

1-Jan-2010, 03:18
I do not own yet Vade Mecum lens colector and did not found much info about this Hermagis lens by google too. Hope someone from forum members had/have it and can answer if its a good lens, what image is giving, how the lens is build (formula) and how it compares to Heliar 150/4.5. It's Hermagis, so should be very good.


Steven Tribe
1-Jan-2010, 04:08
This is a late tessar clone - looks like a bread and butter objective for the mass german folder market. Very different from the heliar. Hellynx is the Hermagis which apparently is nearest the heliar in design and function. (Data from VM).

1-Jan-2010, 13:14
Thanks Steven.