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30-Dec-2009, 21:13
I recently found a Voigtlander & Sohn, Heliar, 42cm, 1:45, lens No. 186626, that is mounted on a slightly larger piece of wood. What was this lens used for? Were they typically mounted on pieces of wood, and where can I found more information concerning the worth of this lens?

Steven Tribe
31-Dec-2009, 01:53
Check e**y for completed listings - using item title Heliar 360mm (may not have been a 420mm recently). Or google!

Steven Tribe
31-Dec-2009, 03:28
Or use the search facility here!

31-Dec-2009, 06:20
Here is my Heliar Lens Article


Heliar values sell over a WIDE range on ebay...typically from $ 300-650 for barrel lenses with flanges - depending on condition, supply and demand etc... coated lenses bring more as do minty examples... here is a recent sale of a 360mm http://cgi.ebay.com/Voigtlander-Heliar-360mm-f-4-5-for-8x10_W0QQitemZ360207495268QQcmdZViewItemQQptZFilm_Cameras?hash=item53de0a3064


31-Dec-2009, 10:49
The "PIECE OF WOOD" sounds like a lens board. What are the dimensions of the wood?

31-Jan-2010, 20:59
Approximately 5" x 5".

31-Jan-2010, 21:38
Approximately 5" x 5".

420mm heliars do not fit on 5x5 boards......