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28-Jan-2002, 14:37

I've been working with 4x6 polaroid pos/negs more and, the more I do it, the more I like it. Amazing potential.

Now, pursuant to another thread of mine, concerning longer lenses, I'm looking to get into an 8x10 kit. Is there any comprehensive information out there on Polaroids for 8x10? I'm completely ignorant.

Ellis Vener
28-Jan-2002, 17:15
this link from www.polaroid.com (http://www.polaroid.com/products/product_list.jsp?FOLDER%3 C%3Efolder_id=352811&bmLocale=en_US&bmUID=10122524 57857&PRDREG=POL)

Rob Tucher
28-Jan-2002, 18:36
There is no pos/neg 8x10 but I use T804 for proofing. I love the Clalumet processor because it is easily taken in the field for on-site processing and is quite good. None of it is as convenient as the 4x5 because it doesn't come in ready-load packets, but it is an interesting system.

28-Jan-2002, 18:46
Great info -- does anyone know of manuals, how-to's, etc., to get started?

Ellis Vener
28-Jan-2002, 19:55
In the words of Poet Laureate Robert Frost, who when asked to expalin one of his poems, replied "What, you want me to say it worse?"

Polaroid; http://www.polaroid.com

28-Jan-2002, 20:25
Alas. Mr. Frost had a point, but Polaroid hasn't -- I'm really looking for practical tips, equipment suggestions, etc., etc. beyond the scope of their site offerings.

Josh Wand
28-Jan-2002, 20:34
I'm with Ellis: a question this broad deserves an equally broad answer:

http://www.google.com/search? hl=en&q=8x10+polaroid" (http://www.google.com/search? hl=en&q=8x10+polaroid) turns up a few good links...

...as does http://www.goog le.com/search? sourceid=navclient&q=site:www.photo.net+8x10+polaroid (http://www.google.com/search? sourceid=navclient&q=site:www.photo.net+8x10+polaroid)

I wish my browser's history was endless so I could tell you which sites I read when I was researching this...

28-Jan-2002, 20:54
Thanks -- I appreciate both answers, really, and everyone's time for chiming in!

Bill Jefferson
30-Jan-2002, 07:13

I use the processor in my explorer with a voltage converter, works fine, with no aparent damage to either.

Rob, T-805, is what u would be looking for, Working with this for a year now, and still have major issues. Here's the hint, negatives develop in 20 seconds. Try clearing these in the field, tons of fun Bill

Sal Santamaura
30-Jan-2002, 11:29
Bill, when you say, referring to "T-805," that you've been "Working with this for a year now, and still have major issues." what do you mean? Is T-805 an 8x10 P/N product in development? Or is it commercially available? Thanks in advance for the clarification.

Bill Jefferson
30-Jan-2002, 14:32
All, It is a P/N product in development, no one else has any info on it.