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29-Dec-2009, 03:02
I have got an offer to buy this lens but I am not quite sure which Darlot is it: "magic latern" projecting, landscape or portrait lens, and is it a petzval? There is only Darlot Paris mark on the lens, no slot for waterhouse stops. It seems to be early Darlot. That's all I know.

I wonder if this Darlot was made with the same optical formula as Darlot camera lenses giving similar soft/vintage look?

What focal lenght it might be and f/stop?

Is it any chance to mount it to the shutter? Cells?

How about price: is it worth $300, $200?






Steven Tribe
29-Dec-2009, 03:49
Petzval? Yes. More knowledgeable folk will come with their comments when the morning breaks over the USA. But until then, I would say a later projection lens as Darlot was pretty good, I seem to remember, about about serial numbers with the early portrait (minus waterhouse slot) objectives. Petzvals are very sharp over a limited area. Lens diameter and focal length would useful for the experts when they get on-line. There is a illustrated Darlot catalogue (US version - B.French of Boston) available through a link here.

29-Dec-2009, 05:51
You can see a link to my page that has a Darlot catalogue including Lantern lenses here:


Since it doesnt have a flange, I wouldnt pay more than $ 100 for it..