View Full Version : Wollensak 12" with the diffusion ring

28-Dec-2009, 19:17
Ok--I want to take the screw out of the diffusion ring----

Does any one know how to get the front element off ( so I can get to the screw )

I know this has been discussed before--Sorry, but it won't turn past the # 5 or 0 in either direction-- It turns freely in both directions until you hit the 5 or 0--I don't want to wreck it before I get a chance to shoot with it this week end

Thanks John

Mark Sawyer
28-Dec-2009, 23:53
I just posted an illustrated guide to doing this, and a bit of other info on the Velostigmat, in a thread devoted to that lens:


Hope it helps!

29-Dec-2009, 04:14
Thanks Mark--Exactly the info I needed