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howard s
27-Jan-2002, 10:43
are there any suggestions for drying 20x24 fiber based prints. i have been using fiberglass screens, but i would like something faster. thanks.

paul owen
27-Jan-2002, 12:33
IMHO, using screens is the only way to dry fibre prints! It may take a while but I find that at least they dry flat.

Walter Glover
28-Jan-2002, 00:52

If drying speed is your criterion you should avail yourself of the convenience of RC paper (God forbid) or use a flatbed or rotary glazer.

The application of heat during the drying process will risk the deterioration of the image by either tonal shift or colour shift - or both. Patience is virtuous as are beautiful air-dried FB prints.

Walter Glover

Robert A. Zeichner
28-Jan-2002, 07:58
a fan, maybe?

Rob Tucher
28-Jan-2002, 12:16
Overall I agree with Walter. Air is best. But WHEN you need it fast you can heat dry in a Pako Electrogloss Drum Photo Dryer. You can keep the heat down some. Make sure the canvas is clean. You can get them in various sizes used CHEAP because they suck electricity and aren't used much. I got mine big enough for doing 10 11x14 prints at a time for $50. They're not perfect but when time is of the essence...

28-Jan-2002, 12:59
On the Pakon dryers...just make sure the canvas belts are spotless--very clean--and the drum is free of defects as well...yeah, you shluld be able to find even a mint one very cheaply now. I had one for years, the size of a small freezer, that I couldn't even give away...it finally made it's way to the local landfill,and it was very clean as well....if you go RC, look into the Ilford infrared dryer. It's the best RC paper dryer on the market....it works like a champ, and gives a d-max & gloss that can't be beat.

J. P. Mose
29-Jan-2002, 12:02
There have been a couple of Arkay 22" dryers on Ebay recently which no one bid on. They will also ferrotype. They would be VERY heavy to ship, but then again...they will dry your 20 X 24. Check it out.

JP Mose

dan nguyen
31-Jan-2002, 13:02

Here what I did for faster drying with fiber...after the wash, I use a squeege to take out most of the water...then I put them for 10mn in a drying book (to absorb more water)...then I put them on a screen...then I put the screen in front of a portable heater with the fan on high... Now you have to be careful on the heat setting... too hot the prints wiil have the tendency to curl... also I noticed that rushing a print in the final stage is always a risk...so I took a lot of precaution in order not ruining my work..hope this help...