View Full Version : one thread is missing !!! (problem with 80 ss xl ) ?

19-Dec-2001, 07:38
i was looking for one thread (about 2 months old ), and i can't find it any more ... the title was something like : any problem with 80 super symmar xl?


Doug Paramore
19-Dec-2001, 10:01
Have you checked the archives at the end of the question list? It may have been moved there after a couple of months.


George Hart
19-Dec-2001, 10:02
This one?


metairie christophe
23-Jan-2002, 10:39
i have one super symmar 4.5 80 xl, it s a great lens, i bought it one month ago, and i want to sell it. 1200 euros or 1055 $ include shipping for europe. maybe you want to buy it ?? (i'm in france)