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Matt sampson
27-Jan-2002, 07:24
A while ago I bought a Paterson Orbital processor with a view to processing 4x10 and 5x4 sheet film in it. I've finally gotten around to trying it but before I start on the inevitable testing I wondered if anyone else out there had any exp erience of this piece of kit. I've read a useful article by John Hicks on the s ubject. I'm processing HP5 in IDII stock. The process times I can work out for myself but any other pointers would be welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Dave Tolcher
27-Jan-2002, 11:02
Hi there, I recently bought one of these as well for 5X4 processing. It hasnt been quite as straight forward as suggested by Mr Hicks.... The main problem is that the film can stick to the base of the processor particularly with 4 sheets. With TMX100 I have had incomplete removal of the blue layer (I havent tried other films but I suspect that it may not be such a problem). As suggested by others - I have put some deep grid patterns in the base with a mini drill and this has improved the problem but not eliminated it. I had one set of negs that was perfect so it could be my fixer is past it.

Temperature control is the other 'variable' but if you are sticking to 20c or thereabouts it looks like a marginal problem. I tried a less temperature dependent Pyro developer last night and that has delivered good results.

Mine has the motorised base which is real easy - using it by hand is not so much of a joy.

Last obvious one.... emulsion side up !

Best regards


david clark
27-Jan-2002, 11:31
Hi Guys, could you tell me where you found your machines and how much they are? Thanks, David

Dave Tolcher
27-Jan-2002, 13:02
I did a search on Yahoo and found several shops advertising s/h in the UK. In the end I bought from a shop in Glasgow for #20ukp (+#6 p&p) incl motorised base in as new condition.

Best regards


Matt sampson
28-Jan-2002, 16:57
Similar story to Dave...I just rang around. I paid similar money with the motorised base.


Wayne Crider
28-Jan-2002, 18:22
For temp control, place it in a tub of water if rocking by hand.