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26-Dec-2009, 07:50
any suggestions on were to stay out side of yosemite . looking for cheap and comfortable if thats possible I got some bonus days of so I thought I would photo there during winter will be my first in that park with lge format thanx :o

Lon Overacker
26-Dec-2009, 11:23

The closest accommodations that are outside the park are in El Portal. Yosemite View is a great one and the closest, but can be expensive. I'm staying at the Cedar Lodge tomorrow night for about $100.


Google lodging in Mariposa and you can find some cheaper lodging. Mariposa is about a 45min drive from the valley floor.

Sometimes you can get cheaper cabins or tents right in the valley at Curry Village (http://www.yosemitepark.com/Accommodations_CurryVillage.aspx). If you want to "rough it," then the tent cabins are the cheapest.

Chance of snow the next couple of days so now's the time! Have fun!


26-Dec-2009, 13:34
I would also suggest Mariposa.

Curt Palm
26-Dec-2009, 22:57
from jan 22nd to march the rates in the un-heated tent cabins at Curry village are set at the prev. nights low temp (F)

he reservation will be held with a deposit of $39*. However, the rate for an unheated tent cabin will be based on the previous night’s low, in degrees Fahrenheit each night, with a maximum cost of $39*. Rates will be adjusted each morning.

heated tent cabins are only $10 more


David Karp
26-Dec-2009, 23:21
They also have heated and insulated tent cabins. We were going to try them out recently but had to cancel the trip. :(

John Kasaian
27-Dec-2009, 00:03
There are some attractive specials at Camp Curry , Wawona and Yosemite Lodge during the off season---check with Delaware North (the concessionaire) Of course you can always snow camp :)

27-Dec-2009, 08:25
thank you :) everyone for the info wife says no to the tents but I will try those another time maybe in feb. Curt and Lon very nice work:eek: on your sites very inspiring cant wait to test out the 4x5 thanx again Craig

John Kasaian
27-Dec-2009, 09:21
It is a bit of a drive to the valley, but Oakhurst has several motels and the Narrow Guage Inn outside of Fish Camp is a wee bit closer. You'll need to have tire chains along this time of year though!

27-Dec-2009, 10:24
Enjoy your trip Madmax!

29-Dec-2009, 07:20
thank you everyone for your help I will post images when I get back.this site has been a great confidence booster for my trip into LF thanx again and happy new year:D

Drew Wiley
29-Dec-2009, 13:04
Oakhurst is only about 15min from the south end of the park. However, from there to
the Valley takes about an hour - longer with chains. It's almost easier in the winter to
go from Oakhurst to Marisposa, and in from there at the west entrance, or simply stay
at Mariposa itself if you can't get accomodations in El Portal.

2-Jan-2010, 08:27
Thank you all for your in put I am back from yosemite. We stayed in Oakhurst the first night got there just as it had quit snowing. Drove in and got some snow scenes. I used the info from one of the other forms to use on the metering on snow checked it digitally should be goooood. We stayed at the Best Western there and it was wonderful. On to Mariposa and the valley floor the next morning. Lots of snow and people wish I could get my wife up earlier. But I am learning about this camera and one thing is expect a crowd when set up. They walk in front of you ask lots of questions want to look thru the camera. the light changing . But it was a great experience. One day I would like to meet some folks up there and travel in a bunch a see what crowd shows up I got some shots I am hoping will be acceptable will post this week some time this week. I amm also in there one a day I can see now how that will help with the 4x5 Cheers

Greg Campbell
10-Jan-2010, 23:12
Of course you can always pitch a tent on the valley floor. :)

As of last winter, the Curry Village showers were hot and free. Even if you're sleeping in a civilized building, the showers offer a quick warm up after returning from a pre-dawn shoot covered in dew an nearing hypothermia.

Jim Fitzgerald
11-Jan-2010, 23:31
Well, to bad you are not there this weekend. My son and I will more than likely be at camp 4. At 5 bucks a tent you can't beat it. Over to the Yosemite Lodge to warm up and then sleep in the tent. May bring the 11x14 this time or the 8x10. Can't decide. I know about crowds when you set up the big hardware. My Walnut 11x14 and matching tripod always draws attention. Generally I'm shooting off the beaten path so I have some peace from the megapixel question. Need to continue work on my Black Oak Project. Anyone coming up say high. We will be in the E-Z Mix Inc. truck.