View Full Version : Remove lens from shutter

23-Dec-2009, 23:03
Hello to all,

I have a 14.75 inch Caltar on an Ilex #5 Universal Synchro shutter. I can unscrew the front part of the lens but not the rear. Do the rear elements unscrew in the same way as the front? I can't imagine it being assembled from the front!

It may be because the aluminium has had a galvanic reaction - at a guess.

If there is a secret door with a special key could someone let me know what that is too please??



Jon Shiu
23-Dec-2009, 23:08
It unscrews the same way. May need to use a strap wrench or something to get more grip on it.


24-Dec-2009, 06:24
Thanks Jon,

I applied ye universal Inox to the threads from the aperture side.

All apart.