View Full Version : Will the Nikkor-SW 120 fit my lensboard?

Vincent Malaud
22-Dec-2009, 19:20

I have a 6x9 front standard on my arca swiss with boards that are 110mm. Will it be ok to fit a Nikkor SW 120mm?

ps: I know that the SS110XL is smaller and better... but too expensive!


Gem Singer
22-Dec-2009, 19:43
Yes, it will.

I'm looking at my Nikkor 120SW as I write.

It is mounted on a Canham 110mm lens board with a Copal 0 opening.

The rear lens cap is 80mm in diameter.

It barely fits into a Linhof Tech circular opening.

Rust Never Sleeps
27-Dec-2009, 22:18
I love the 90 focal length and the 110 is too close, so i got a 120. The nikkor F8 made it to the top of the list very quick, big but the smallest 120 modern wide angle. I love it and it is very sharp, huge movements, and nice color.

I have a Arca-Swiss 4x5 field with the 110 front and this lens fits just fine. No problems what so ever. Only thing is if you use the lens hood you have to take the lens cap off or else the hood will not fit over the lens. Enjoy the Nikkor, back to my dram of Laphroaig Quarter cask.