View Full Version : I need a new handle for the 'dorff

John Kasaian
26-Jan-2002, 17:32
Hello! I didn't find this in old messages, so I figure I'd better ask the exper ts. The leather handle on my 'dorff is getting rather elderly, but what really has me concerned is that the rivets that hold the metal straps that in turn hold the handle on are loosening up. Can anyone recommend a place to take my camera to for repairs on the west coast? Some place where you've sent your own camera in for repair? While its in the shop, I might as well send my lens in for a cle an& adjust. Is there any place you care to recommend on the west coast or woul d I be better off sending it to S.K Grimes? Its in a no.5 Universal shutter. B y the way, in an old thread I read the Ilex shutters are not supposed to be lube d. Is that true? and is it common knowlege or should I specify this when I send it in? Thanks for all the great advice the forum provides.

26-Jan-2002, 18:27
Take it to a leather shop where they can take out the old leather handle & put in a new one that will match what is removed.

Brian Ellis
26-Jan-2002, 20:25
Any decent shoe repair shop can make a handle that is close to the original. I'm having that done to my Deardorff now. However, I doubt that a shoe repair shop or similar place would undertake to remove and replace the rivets. A friend of mine is doing that for me but in the absence of a friend or any places closer to your home, I'd ask Steve Grimes if he can do it. Ken Hough could easily do it but even the simplest tasks from him seem to take months to accomplish.

John Kasaian
26-Jan-2002, 22:48
Thanks to all of you! The leather handle isn't such a big problem as there are cobblers and saddlemakers who could make the leather for me, but the rivets are going to be a problem. I just came across two names of people who work on large format cameras in my area--- Jim Galvin and J. Albert. Has anyone had any dealings with either of these two gentlemen?

1-Feb-2002, 02:02
Patrick Alt in L.A. works on Deardorffs, as Ken Hough does in the Midwest. Either could do better than a cobbler, is my hunch. Best,


Bruce McCrory
8-Mar-2004, 17:02
John, You found a West Coast repairman to work on Dorffs. Galvin, and Albert. Can you send me their addresses? Thanks. I too need a handle. And, bellows, which is on its way to Jim Ormond at Western Bellows, this minute. 7454 Henbane St., Eliwanda, CA, 91739. 909-980-0606. Super nice guy and highly recommended. Built bellows for Deardorff when they were in business. My handle pins are not "rivets" but more like the old fashioned two-legged clips people used for documents. They struck me as being a tad weak for all the weight. Good shooting, H. Bruce McCrory, kbdmcc@kbdmcc.net

John Kasaian
8-Mar-2004, 21:45

The last address I had for J. Albert is: 1015 Casitas Pass Road #210, Carpinteria, CA 93013, telephone # 805 684-4533.

Sadly, I don't know what the current status of Jim Galvin's shop is.

FWIW, I don't know if Pat Alt is still working on 'dorffs, but I'm sure others on this forum might know. I've heard He does great work. I recall he is located in Southern California, but sorry, I don't have his number.

Congratulations on your 'dorff!

I hope this helps a little. I might be looking up J. Albert or Pat Alt one of theses days myself, so I'd better do some detective work as well.

Good Luck & happy 'dorffing!

Bruce McCrory
10-Mar-2004, 11:50
Thanks, John. While The bellows is being made, I'm sending the rest to Jim at J. Albert. Your info is current. Bruce McCrory