View Full Version : Komura 300mm Lens Suitable For 8x10?

Russell Fox
26-Jan-2002, 17:00
I've seen a Komura 300mm/6.3 lens in a Copal 3 shutter for sale. The lens is mar ked 'Komura Commercial' & takes a 72mm filter. Lens s/n 6040077 I've not found any details of coverage (for 8x10). Is anyone familiar with this lens?

Regards Stuart

Ed Burlew
26-Jan-2002, 20:05
This lense does cover 8x10. a friend of mine used it on his , now mine, sinar f2, he sold the camera and kept the lense for his 4x5 , the pics on 8x10 in colour ektachromes were excelelnt, I was amazed they were so good, I tried to buy the lense but he still had a use for it.