View Full Version : Bucharest, Romania.

20-Dec-2009, 11:07
Im Currently in Bucharest (Romania) and unsuccessfully trying to find Photography shops and somewhere to get a 4x5.
If anyone can help it will be much appreciated :D

Walter Calahan
20-Dec-2009, 13:06
Haven't been to Bucharest since January 1990. Things were a bit smoky then. I brought my own film. Sorry of no help.

20-Dec-2009, 21:06
Try dropping a line to Vlad Soare - he is a member of this board, and a very friendly one at that. I'm not sure how often he checks the board, but maybe if you send him an email?


Leonard Alecu
21-Dec-2009, 12:45
I can help you with some 4x5 sheets. FP4+, TRIx, TMAX100, ASTIA 100, Velvia 5o. Just to help you. Nothing more.

Vlad Soare
5-Jan-2010, 03:32
You should have followed Marko's advice. :)
I didn't notice this thread (not until today, that is :)), but would have noticed a PM or an e-mail.
Unfortunately, there's only one single shop in Bucharest that stocks large format film, and their supply is pretty limited. I would advise anyone to bring their own film when coming to Bucharest.