View Full Version : Carl Zeiss Jena 5/500mm series Ic special lens

19-Dec-2009, 15:38
I just got this lens, It is a Carl Zeiss Jena 5/500 mm lens.

On the outer rim it also saids Special lens series 1c, and on the bottom of the barrel XV 5

Stops down to 64, it also has 3 tits inside the front rim, probably to hold on a filter.

My question was this some type of aerial lens, and isn't f-5 pretty fast for a 500mm lens

This is a very heavy barrel lens, in the last picture it's sitting beside an emil busch 7.7/550 for size reference, Can't find it on Google

Thanks John





Paul Fitzgerald
19-Dec-2009, 16:29
the VM lists it as an aero / portrait lens, it is one truly fine portrait lens. Mount it up and try it, you will not want to sell it EVER.

Dan Fromm
19-Dec-2009, 16:29
John, if you want an answer that's probably not a SWAG ask Arne Croell. Send him a PM, and tell him the lens' serial number.

Hint, I think Arne has all of Thiele's CZ data books. Look up Hartmut Thiele.

19-Dec-2009, 17:44
Thanks guys, going to try this one, and a 11 x 14 Baush & lomb tomorrow

I appreciate the info


Arne Croell
20-Dec-2009, 02:13
Zeiss made a 5/50cm Tessar as an aerial lens, according to Thiele's book (2nd Ed.) only 27 were made in the late 1920's - serial numbers in the 900000 range. The design was done in 1918. In the list it is also marked as S-Stufe, meaning Sonderstufe, the highest manufacturing priority for military orders.

Arne Croell
20-Dec-2009, 02:25
I just saw that I can read the serial no. in the image. That number (427472) is missing in Thieles lists. It indicates a manufacturing time around 1920/21. Given the Ic designation, which has been used for Tessars, and the design date I mentioned above, I would assume it is the 5/50cm Tessar, obviously made for export because of the English inscription.

Paul Fitzgerald
20-Dec-2009, 08:49
mine is outside the range also, #718418. Lovely lens and does fit a 6x6 board.

Arne Croell
20-Dec-2009, 10:06
mine is outside the range also, #718418. Lovely lens and does fit a 6x6 board.

That one is also not listed in Thieles books; Zeiss' manufacturing lists have some gaps.