View Full Version : Filter size for 135mm lens

Jim Burk
18-Dec-2009, 00:36
I just got a Schneider Symmar-S f/5.6 135 lens. As near as I can tell it should accept a 48 mm red filter. Does anyone know if this is the correct size before I order it?


18-Dec-2009, 01:55
I can't get the link to insert properly but I checked the schneider site and it looks like 49mm would suit

Robert Ley
18-Dec-2009, 05:39
The Link to the Schneider site ishttp://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/

James Olson
18-Dec-2009, 06:07
It is a 49 mm thread. I have the same lens and needed a Lee filter kit adapter and emailed Schnieder
jim olson

Gordon Moat
25-Dec-2009, 14:50
I have the same lens. What I did was go with a 49mm to 52mm step up adapter. You can find a ton of similar items on EBAY. The advantage was that I already owned many 52mm filters and adapters. Anyway, that's just another option for you.

Jim Burk
25-Dec-2009, 15:32
Thanks all,

I ordered a 49mm red filter. The only bad part of the whole thing buying a Wista, along with some lensboards, a new lens, and a filter is that the Wista still hasn't arrived, and I leave in the morning for Wine Country! I will be dragging (literally) my Toyo monorail through the vineyards. I put some wheels on the huge case to make it easier to get around.

Merry Christmas to all,