View Full Version : LF Palm Images 16feet x 19feet

16-Dec-2009, 13:37
I am with an art gallery in Orlando, FL and I am wondering if anyone has the ability to shoot large format images of palm trees - or if you have some in your stock images already.
We are looking to print the image at 16 feet by 19 feet.

Feel free to respond to this thread, or e-mail me at ashleyb@hg-arts.com

Nathan Potter
16-Dec-2009, 14:05
Silly, I'd just buy a potted palm tree and use it. Very realistic and you'll never beat the resolution. ;) ;)

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

17-Dec-2009, 06:32
While I thank you for your suggestion - the image is to go on a large wall at the entrance to a hotel - while a potted palm, would be nice - it will not have the impact we will be looking for.

Thank you.