View Full Version : The perfect lens compromise

Dave Schneidr
4-Apr-1999, 00:30
Are there any outstanding compromises on lenses that would meet the following re quirements. Corrected for 1:1 but useable to infinity. 150-180 mm focal length. Compact size. Available used for <$400.

I have a Symmar 210 and a Grandagon 90. Both are excellent lenses but not very i deal for 1:1 and 1:2 magnification range.

4-Apr-1999, 07:34
The G-Claron fits most of the critiria but I don't know how it fits in the last catagory ($400) That would be my choice if I could find one and I had the mone y. For that price you might have to mount it in the shutter yourself.

Greg Lawhon
5-Apr-1999, 00:03
I agree that the Schneider G-Claron 150mm/f9 ought to meet your requirements. At about $520 new ($519 from Badger Graphic Sales), you should be able to pick up a used one in the $400 range. Another to consider is the Fujinon-A 180mm/f9. Fuji A series lenses are widely reported to be excellent. A used 180 sold on eBay a couple of weeks ago for $442.