View Full Version : Packard Shutters, microswitches, and Pocket Wizards who's integrated them before?

Jay Decker
12-Dec-2009, 11:25
Someone has had to have trod this path before, and I would like to learn from there experience rather than recreate the wheel.

My desire is to use my LF view cameras and old-timey lenses with studio lighting. I envision doing this by integrating a Packard shutter with a microswitch to trigger a Pocket Wizard transceiver. This integration is way to obvious for someone not to done it successfully before. If you have successfully accomplished this, or know of a website (already read about the unsuccessful attempts described at http://mysite.verizon.net/fowler/photo/packard3.htm), or know of someone else who's done this before. Please let me know.



12-Dec-2009, 11:44
Eddie has one for sale now!!

12-Dec-2009, 11:48
one of the easiest ways to do it would be to stick your micro switch onto the top of the piston that the air operates. just have the micro switch's arm be at the top of the travel of the piston...so the piston hits the arm and POW lights. i will try and get a similar photo. but i think you get the idea.

DSphoto. thanks. they are going fast.

12-Dec-2009, 12:01
okay. found some 60s version. i tried to remove the cover but it is not coming off and i am not forcing it until i need to replace the worn out tubing.

you can see the lever in the photo. behind the lever is the air operated cylinder.

there are other ways the factory did it inside but this is probably a far easier solution. (oh and the OEM only works on instant....not that you need anything else)

hope these help.


12-Dec-2009, 12:41
more of the same....

oh! you will have to wire a PC connection to plug into your wireless do-hikkey....i assume they have some sort of a pc trigger as well as a hot shoe or something

Denis Pleic
12-Dec-2009, 13:13
I've posted this one before. It's based on Bob Fowler's excellent instructions :)
Rigging a flash sync was a piece of cake. I've used a paperclip for contact :eek: