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12-Dec-2009, 05:36
hello first sorry for my english , I am french ...

second I don' t know if my request is in the right forum , if not tell me where thank you

so I dream if many photographers will like to use again the pola55 film in 4x5 or bigger and make an estimation of how many films they need we can try to join those guys in netherland to make them a proposal for a number of films:) and see what they will answer .
I know that can seem utopist but I can dream :)

if you have any question you can join me here

sincerely sltahoe

12-Dec-2009, 06:30
As much as I recall, Type 55 and 665 were not produced entirely by Polaroid itself.
Parts of the film assembly came from third party companies, (that have been dismantled by now) and were then put together at Polaroid factories.

I fear this would be a difficult task to get the entire production done under one roof, nowadays...

Sad, I loved that stuff!


12-Dec-2009, 08:57
I know that can seem utopist but I can dream :)

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing your dream.

Sadly, I think it might be more productive to dream about a night with Marilyn Monroe... that is probably as equally likely to happen as the return of Polaroid P/N film!

Gene McCluney
12-Dec-2009, 11:04
The operation in the Netherlands "The Impossible Project" leased the old Polaroid assembly plant for the "integral" filmpacks. Not peel-apart films. They have had to partner with Ilford and other film coating facilities to actually produce the materials that they then assemble into finished filmpacks.

If I recall correctly, at the Demise of Polaroid, Ilford held talks with "Polaroid" to see about the acquisition of the technology to actually produce the Polaroid peel-apart b/w films, and decided it was not economically feasable.

It is possible that "The Impossible Project" may eventually branch out to make other varities of Polaroid type films, but for gosh sakes let them get their first products out and selling.

Since Fuji STILL makes peel-apart b/w and color instant films, it would seem more logical to petition them for a P/N type film.

13-Dec-2009, 05:15
so , who is ok to petition fuji for remake a pola55 type film in 4x5 ? and do you know how to join fuji ?