View Full Version : Repronar lens - does it ring a bell?

11-Dec-2009, 13:13
Does anybody recognize this one? I suppose it is a graphic lens, possibly from eastern Europe, but I really do not know. I can not see the name of the manufacturer or any logo. Around the front lens is written REPRONAR 1:11/470 Rb 208 Nr.3 .
Front and rear groups both have 4 bright reflections, just like a xenar or comparon (i.e. Tessar) front group, which points in the direction of a dialyte design. Reflections are not clearly coloured, so i suspect it is uncoated. If so, it would be prone to flare if used as a taking lens. The barrel is about 59 mm diameter front and rear, and it would require a flange hole of about 75 mm (just under 3")

Can you enlighten me on this? Has any of you ever tried one? Who made it, and when?

Svein Lindberg

Dan Fromm
11-Dec-2009, 14:16
Um, if you bought it -- it was sold via eBay.de, 280418655962 -- ask it how good it is or isn't, and share the news with us. The seller claimed it is a Schneider lens but the serial number isn't consistent with that story.

FWIW, coating can be hard to discern. I mean, if it works really really well it should be invisible. I have a couple of TTH lenses that I initially thought were uncoated, and some of the 38/4.5 Biogons I sold didn't seem to be coated even though they had to have been.