View Full Version : Question: SCHNEIDER GOTTINGEN Vintage Filter?

james s
10-Dec-2009, 03:29
I have a vintage SCHNEIDER GOTTINGEN red filter. It says "SCHNEIDER-GOTTINGEN" and "MeBfarbfilter" on it. There are two sets of numbers on it...one starts with "FL" and the other is five digits starting with 47 (no.47***). I was wondering if anyone has any info on this? Thanks!

Ole Tjugen
18-Dec-2009, 09:12
If it is large and has what seems to be a bayonet-type mount, it could be from an aerial lens like the Schneider Göttingen Aero-Xenar 500/5,5 which I happen to have.

james s
21-Dec-2009, 18:15
I contacted the company in Europe. They said that is was a WWII era filter used in the German air force. They said other than that, they had no other info available. Sounds interesting...wonder what kind of things this thing has photographed in it's life...

Steven Tribe
23-Dec-2009, 07:37
Nasty things like results of incendiary bombing on London and Coventry! Probably never used, as recog. flights had high mortality even though they flew high up. On the other side , there are plenty of williamson gun camera optics available which were mounted to start when the Spitfire (etc.) machine guns were in use against the Luftwaffe.