View Full Version : Elegant Indoor site for engagement session in DENVER

9-Dec-2009, 01:02
I really need to find a nice location for engagement pictures in denver


John Kasaian
11-Dec-2009, 07:47
The Brown Hotel?

Jay Wolfe
11-Dec-2009, 09:13
The Brown Hotel?

The Brown Hotel is in Louisville.

John T
11-Dec-2009, 09:17
Technically it is the Brown Palace Hotel, located in the Capitol Hill area, but a lot of people refer to it as the Brown Hotel.

Raymond Bleesz
16-Dec-2009, 09:21
There are several historic Victorian homes, mansions in Denver--such as the Molly Brown House--Denver Chamber of Commerce would be a good source for info.

If you go a few miles to the West of Denver, Georgetown offers the Hamill House & Hotel de Paris while Central City offers the Tabor House.

Raymond--in the Vail Valley

Ed Richards
16-Dec-2009, 09:58
The arboretum is nice in the indoor tropical area.

16-Dec-2009, 13:32
If you know any realtors in the area, they might be able to arrange something nice in an unoccupied place, take a cut and pretend it was a showing.

22-Jan-2010, 19:16
How about the Turnverein Building - used to take fencing lessons there...