View Full Version : Oscilloscope camera lens for 1 to 1

Neal Shields
14-Dec-2001, 15:49
A frend of mine has a surplus shop and has the world's visiable supply of old Po laroid scope cameras that the government sold for scrap. I brought a couple of Wolensack lenses in shutters but haven't mounted them on boards yets. They are 75mm and 1 to 1. At infinity they only have about a 3" image circle but at 1 to 1 they cover 4X5 just fine. It would seem like they would be great to photograp h bugs and flowers, or would I be better off to just use one of my normal lenses with a long bellows?

David A. Goldfarb
14-Dec-2001, 15:55
They aren't reputed to be great lenses, but try one out and let us know how they work for you!

Michael Phifer
14-Dec-2001, 19:21
I have one and I have used it for Table Top Work. I is very nice for that. The large apature is a great help in focusing.

They were origionally designed to Take Photographs of an Oscilliscope image (before the avaialability of Digital storage scopes)... Mike

18-Dec-2001, 03:22
That sounds like a fun thing to play with. Does he have some to sell at a good price?