View Full Version : Pyrocat-HD efke pl50 2-bath dev times

7-Dec-2009, 10:57
I just picked up some Pyrocat-HD. My primary dev is Prescysol EF. From what I hear they are either the same or darned close to it - and the Pyrocat-HD is cheaper. In Prescysol I do both semi-stand and 2-bath depending on...

So I have some Efke 50 (N+0) that I need to develop in 2-bath Pyrocat-HD and looking for a place to "start" my testing. From what I gathered, it looks like 6 mins in A and 7.5 in B. Daylight tank. Does 6 and 7.5 sound in the ballpark? I've seen 6/6, 6/7.5, and 6/12.

Let's say 70 degrees.