View Full Version : Compendium/filter system for small lenses?

John Schneider
7-Dec-2009, 10:29
I've been back and forth about how to filter and shade some of my older or smaller lenses, which don't accept modern threaded filters, or are too small IMO for an external push-on adapter ring (75 Rectagon, 100 WA Dagor, 133 Cooke, 6" Dagor, etc.). I have quite a collection of 67mm filers, so I'd prefer not to buy a set in yet another size.

My current thinking is to modify a compendium shade system (I have one for a Technikardan gathering dust) to accept these filters. But I'd prefer first to ask for the advice and experiences of the members here; there's no guarantee that my idea is the best one. I'm thinking of mounting a threaded filter ring from the rear frame of the compendium, offset forward enough to clear the front element of the longest lens I hope to use it with. Any feedback/critique/suggestions would be welcome.

Doremus Scudder
7-Dec-2009, 10:50

Just brainstorming here...I can imagine a step-up ring to 67mm that has elastic bands or spring steel strips mounted across the back (i.e., smaller) part of the the ring. This would allow you to easily mount the step-up ring onto a number of smaller-size lenses. Your 67mm filters would then simply screw on to the front. Small, simple, low-tech.


Doremus Scudder

John Schneider
7-Dec-2009, 11:00
Thanks for the reply. I thought of something like that (although more needlessly complex) but that wouldn't work with the Rectagon or the WA Dagor, both of which are practically flush with the shutter. And the Cooke is so tiny (the barrel is something like 24mm OD) that I wouldn't want to hang a much-larger filter off it.

7-Dec-2009, 11:41
Assuming that you can get this to somehow fit somewhere, here's a filter holder (67mm filter in place) I bought from Calumet years ago. It may work on some your flush-mounted lenses by simply velcro-ing or taping it to the camera body. It also has a slot for 3"x3" gels.
Just more food for thought...

Steven Tribe
7-Dec-2009, 13:11
The only low weight adaptable system I can think of - especialy if you have old front adjusted shutters is the clip on type which consists of two slightly curved steel springs which will fasten onto a large variety of diameters. These have integral filters which must be drop in series types - which are still available. I seem to remember one size with 31mm filters which would be suitable for the objectives you mention. There are (were) a couple of makers - NEBRO was one (UK firm) and something like xxxx cross was the other. I have seen them often - you know where - but there is nothing there at the moment.

7-Dec-2009, 13:57
Cokin has something called a Universal Ring that's a ring with 3 delrin (?) screws coming through it angled around it. Screw in all 3 screws until they are fastened around the lens, attach the Cokin filter holder (which takes a shade), and you're ready to go. Cokin is not everyones cup of tea but since I also use a 645, it is interchageable.

I standardized on the Cokin setup a few years ago so this works for me. The rubber-band style setup used by Lee(I think) works just as well for Gels.