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6-Dec-2009, 19:14
Hello- I have an old Calumet and I would like to shoot some instant photos in it. I was wondering if the Fuji 4X5 films fit in the Polaroid holders.


6-Dec-2009, 19:28
do a search here because this comes up regularly. the polaroid 550 (4x5) and the 405 (3.25x4.25) are the only models that work with the fuji pack films.

SW Rick
6-Dec-2009, 19:41
I understand the 4x5 Fuji (which is a pack film) requires its own Fuji holder, but will work with the Polaroid 550 holder (which has become quite expensive). They will not fit in the single sheet Polaroid sheet film holders (545's...)
The smaller Fuji pack films will work in their own (different) Fuji holder, or in Polaroid pack film holders made for that 3.25 x 4.25 size film.

6-Dec-2009, 20:20
So I guess it is kind of expensive to be able to use instant in my situation.....

Gordon Moat
7-Dec-2009, 20:40
The lower cost instant solution is a used Polaroid 405 pack film holder, and the regular Fuji FP100C. While the view is slightly cropped from 4x5 film size, it can still be very useful. There are also an FP100B and FP3000B for B/W choices.

The larger Fuji Instant has a 45 after the name, for example FP100C45. If you see that, it does cost more per shot, and it needs the larger pack film holder. The different pack film sizes and holders cannot swap packs.


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8-Dec-2009, 08:47
Both the 405-sized and the 550-sized holders will have the same issues fitting under the screen on your CC-400--they may be too thick. That camera has a bail back and may have enough room under the spring for these, but I would test it before being sure, and don't force anything. The one downside to these cameras is the lack of a Graflok back.

My old Calumet is in storage and too difficult to retrieve, but I'm sure some can verify whether one of the pack-back holders will fit under the spring back on the CC-400.

Rick "who has only used the old 545 in the old Calumet" Denney

Gene McCluney
10-Dec-2009, 19:26
I have found that older "bail back" type 4x5 really don't have enough spread to take the pack-film holders, however ANY modern monorail, or ANY 4x5 with a graflok back will easily work. The cost of the Fuji Pack 4x5 is less per sheet than the INDIVIDUAL sheet polaroid films were at last price point.

10-Dec-2009, 20:41

There was apparently a longer bail made on some of the Calumets. I've got both the standard and wide angle versions and my 405 fits easily in both.


Can you see if any of the pros in your area have one of these backs. If so, maybe they will let you bring your camera over for a quick check if your camera will handle it. If it doesn't, you can likely get a replacement bail from Jose at Calumet repairs (1-800-Calumet). He still carries some parts for these old beauties.

27-Dec-2009, 11:26
I just spoke with a woman in Boston who I guess deals with a good amount of large format stuff and she is going to sell me a 545 back...Will that work for me to be able to use the current Fuji instant? It appears to me like it won't. Thanks

Tim Povlick
27-Dec-2009, 11:58
Hi Ektagraphic,

Sad to say the 545 won't work with Fuji Instant film as the Fuji is pack film (10 shots to a pack) and holder is intended for single sheet film. With the demise of instant sheet film, Quickload and Readyload it seems the 545 is destined to the museum. I believe the Impossible Project will require a different holder, but not 100% certain about that. Be that as it may, the 545 requires only about 3/8" of opening whereas the pack film holders require about 1 inch.

With Regards,