View Full Version : Were Suter's always lacquered?

Steven Tribe
4-Dec-2009, 08:38
I have done the decent thing and looked through all previous Suter threads before posting a new thread. So I know all about my new Aplanat A no. 4. But looking at it I can't see any sign, even in protected areas close to rims, that it has ever been lacquered! In spite of this, condition is still very brassy in appearance. Did Suter use some kind of finish which wears very thin but still gives protection against the effects of condensation? Or perhaps, even a different combination of metals with the copper base?
By the way, this is the most simple and solid RR/Aplanat I have had in my hands - number is 11,383.

Struan Gray
4-Dec-2009, 08:50
Unlaquered brass picks up fingerprints fast, and acquires a dark patina in much less time than 100 years. My Suter B No. 5 has a finish which sounds a lot like yours. I suspect Suter just used a high quality laquer and good craftmanship.

Peter K
4-Dec-2009, 11:30
As Struan mentioned before unlaquered brass is very imbrobale. A layer of zapon-laquer, gun cotton solved in amylacetate, can be made very thin. It's permeable for oxigen, so the brass gets it's golden hue during time. But this needs time, at least ten years. So if one removes scatched laquer by polishing and laquers the brass with zapon-laquer in the first years the brass looks "like new".

Steven Tribe
5-Dec-2009, 08:06
Thanks for the response! I think the lacquer has just worn away through handling - or even perhaps assisted by a previous owner became unhappy with worn patches and rubbed it all over with some nasty solvent!