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John Bowen
3-Dec-2009, 08:04
I have been searching for these trays for over a year and no one on the North American continent has them for sale. I purchased my 1st set of these trays from Fine Art Photo Supply before it was sold the Photographer's Formulary. I would like to acquire some more of these "ideal for 8x10 films and prints" trays.

I have contacted Paterson in the UK and they tell me that Wynit handles their distribution in the US. I wrote to Wynit this morning to express my desire to acquire some more of these trays.

Does anyone else have a desire to acquire some of these trays? They take much less sink room and use much less chemistry than 11x14 trays. If you have a desire please leave a post here and contact Wynit at sales@Wynit.com

Perhaps if we can get a critical mass they will import some and we can all purchase from the same dealer.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,

Gem Singer
3-Dec-2009, 08:46

I traded my set of 10x12 tri-color Paterson trays to a friend two weeks ago.

Like you, I had purchased them from Anthony, at the now defunct Fine Art Photo.

I was unable to locate that size Paterson tray from any other dealer in the USA.

This past weekend, I developed six sheets of 8x10 film at the same time, in 11x14 Paterson trays.

Using three liters of solution in each tray, for the first time I was able to obtain even

development, with nary a scratch on all six sheets.

The larger trays, with an increased amount of solution, seemed to make the difference.

Oren Grad
3-Dec-2009, 09:05
Another possibility is to contact Paterson's UK dealers that do mail order, find one that's willing to ship to the US, and figure out how large an order you need to assemble so that the shipping cost won't be prohibitive relative to the value of the order. You'll still have to be resigned to paying a somewhat inflated price compared to what it would be if the product were regularly imported, though, so it's a matter of how badly you want it.

I did something like this a while back when I wanted some Ilford paper in 12x16 size and couldn't get Wynit's attention or find anyone else here who wanted to be bothered.