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Riaan Lombard
13-Dec-2001, 06:36
I have the opportunity to add a Schneider 150mm Super Symmar HM to my 5x7 tech o utfit, but it is in a Sinar DB mount. I basically do landscapes mostly and ther efore was thinking of using it as a barrel lens since it is not too dear. Will the Auto Aperture DB mount be a problem to work with manually? Thanks Ryan

Steve Grimes.
13-Dec-2001, 11:29
As a practical matter the Sinar DB lenses are useable only with the Sinar system -- the auto iris is operated by the Sinar auto shutter and has no manual setting as a free standing lens. The elements, however can be unscrewed and fitted to an ordinary shutter. You will also need to obtain/make an iris scale for the shutter.

Price for me to do this, complete with the shutter is $225.00 or $275.00 depending on whether you want the Sinar DB board back or not.

see: www.skgrimes.com (http://www.skgrimes.com) for more.

26-Apr-2007, 23:44
my DBs and I expect all others have a lock on the aperture ring so that you can
disengage the the auto iris if wanted.

Armin Seeholzer
27-Apr-2007, 00:30
Hi Mikec

This is the better DBM mount which you are describing!
The cheaper DB mount is missing this!

Armin Seeholzer